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Learning how to start selling Doterra oils and building a successful from home business will be the best life decision you will every make.

I have been asked many times, "Is doterra worth it?" and yes, I asked the very same question before I became a Doterra oils consultant. However, since I have been involved with home based businesses for the last 20 years Doterra is a breathe of fresh air, personally and financially.

So, on this page I will explain my reasons for becoming a Doterra wellness advocate and how you to can gain financial freedom for you and your family as well as living a heathier lifestyle.

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What makes people like you and me become a Doterra member in the UK?

The quality of Doterra oils

When you choose Doterra, you get essential oils that have been distilled from plants that have been harvested at the perfect moment to extract the best composition and efficacy. All the oils are thoroughly tested using the strict quality protocol, which insures the oils are chemically correct and effective.

Doterra sign up cost is so affordable

The Doterra membership fee in the United Kingdom is only £20 which includes a Free Doterra online store, a free back office for administrating your business and no monthly fee to worry about when starting a new business. However, to avoid even paying the membership fee, many new consultants purchase a product enrollment kit such the Emotional Aromatherapy defused Enrollment Kit at only £129.50 and have the membership fee waived.

Doterra is a stable and sustainable company

There are only a few other companies doing as well as Doterra. Their consultants have a much more sustainable business model that allows them to work for just a few hours a week and still have a unlimited earning potential.

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No commuting to work

Many of us are taking about an hour a day commuting to and from our office or work place. However, one of the benefits of becoming a Doterra oils consultant and working from home is that travelling to work involves no more than a few steps to the spare room. This leaves more time for you and your family as well as massive financial savings such as petrol and the need for a second car.

Claim tax allowances for working at home

As a business you can claim tax allowances. This means you can deduct a proportion of certain costs from your taxable profits and reduce your tax bill. The expenses claimed back against income tax in your tax return must be ‘wholly and exclusively’ for the purposes of the trade or business.

Flexibility of Working Hours

Being able to work at night or first thing in the morning is a great for those entrepreneurs who maybe trying to work around children or other obligations. Mobile phones and email allow you to interact with your customers and suppliers at any time of the day or night. You can more easily accommodate customers in different time zones and your family schedules.

Understanding how to start a Doterra business from home gives you the freedom and flexibility to grow your business at your own pace. It also saves money, which helps during the lean times of any business.

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If you choose the £20 Doterra intro kit, you will get:

  • A sure and steady company that wont let you down
  • A debt free company without outstanding loans
  • Unlimited earning potential
  • A high retention rate of over 65% which is one of the highest in the industry
  • You will get 25% off retail on all Doterra Products - Click here for Doterra UK price list
  • You will get Free online and personalised Doterra uk shop and a free back office
  • No monthly fee once you have paid your enrollment fee of £20
  • You will be able to enroll new distributors and receive bonuses on their sales.
  • And best of all, you get support and experience of your sponsor

How to sign up with Doterra - instructions below

  1. Click here
  2. Choose your country and language
  3. Select to “Wellness Advocate or Wholesale customer*” options
  4. Put your enrollment details in the form
  5. Enroller and Sponsor ID: 930175
  6. Choose your enrollment package (Basic Doterra intro kit is £20 however if you purchase the product enrollment kit the Doterra membership fee is waived)
  7. Pay for the enrollment

Select "Wholesale customer" if the business aspect is not for you*

Within a short while you will receive an email from Doterra confirming your enrollment and then in about 3 days you will receive another email from me welcoming you to Doterra and offering training and support.

For people who come from the UK, but live aboard
  • Doterra membership fee in Europe: 20€
  • Doterra membership fee in the US: 35$
  • Doterra membership fee in Australia: 50$

If you have any question about Doterra, the quality of Doterra products or how to start a Doterra business, email me and I will get back to you asap…..

Check out the Doterra intro kit Guide!

The doterra intro kit guide will show you all the kits available to you in the UK. Download The Doterra intro kit Guide right now, Read the 'Doterra guide' and get the best value for money for your Doterra products.

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